Saturday, November 19, 2005


what's worse than a cold bored gal?

a cold bored gal with an itch to scratch.

I don't mean it like THAT (pervs!) --- i mean, i'm bored and i wanna do something about my current situation, but due to the damn cold i can't do anything. Yes, i feel like the FOB islander that i am, freezing my ass off while trying to figure out where the hell can i get some form of heat in this somewhat frigid area of the US.

For now my sanctuary is this quaint cafe nearby the area which houses a warm atmnosphere (yey!) and wireless internet(whoo-hooo!) for the price of 3$ (pay for coffee and muffin,m and you're set). Ahh... nice to be warm inside and out.

+ + +

I miss the weather in California. But i still miss NY...

+ + +

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